What if this happened to you? WOW! (Great Video!)

When does opportunity knock?
Does it knock when you are ready?

Opportunity knocks when it’s ready.

How many times have you had to let an opportunity go because you weren’t ready?
Have you ever had a prospect say something like this?
“Wow. This is great, I wish you told me last week before I spent all of my money.”
Isn’t that annoying? Well it goes both ways.

Have you ever been somewhere and you had the chance to make a connection for your business, maybe you notice a perfect prospect, and you let the opportunity pass?

-maybe you looked like a slob
-maybe you didn’t have a business card/brochure or DVD
-maybe you were just too scared to talk to them
-or perhaps the worst offence, you didn’t know what to say

Bottom line is this:


If you are serious about your business, then the next step is obvious.

-don’t leave the house looking like a slob
-always have a business card on you if that’s what you use (actually to avoid this excuse, I don’t even use business cards. I think it’s more important to get their information then for them to get mine.)
-if you know and practice what to say, you won’t be scared to talk to them.

I ask not for gold or garments or even opportunities equal to my ability; instead, guide me so that I may acquire ability equal to my opportunities.~Og Mandino

If think about the above quote, you’ll realize that it’s very insightful.  If we are always ready, then we will always have someone to talk to. How many people do we run into every day? How many people could you have talked to about your business but you didn’t realize it because you weren’t ready?
You know what people I’m talking about.
-the people ahead of you or behind you in line when you were picking up groceries.
-the other parents at your childs soccer game
-the people at the pumps when you are filling up at the gas station.
-the cashiers, waiters, people walking around at the mall etc.

So now, when someone asks you, “What do you do for a living?”
You can give them a 30 second pitch instead of saying that you are a nurse or a teacher or your profession.

Or if you see someone that has great sales skills, you’ll be ready to say something like this:
“Wow. You really have a great attitude. Are you the owner here?… No? Why not?”

The most important thing is make sure you know what to say.
Know it so well that you exude confidence when you say it.

If you know what to say and you are confident saying it, then you can be dressed in jeans and a baseball cap and talk to a guy in a suit. You won’t even need a business card, you’ll leave with his. Now that’s what I call being ready no matter what the circumstance!

A friend of mine showed me this video and it really taught me the importance of really being prepared all the time.
Imagine if David Tolley wasn’t ready? It would have changed his destiny.

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