What If Your New teammate Is Uncoachable?

What makes network marketing successful is that the results can duplicate.

Duplication only occurs if everyone follows the system.

Your Network Marketing company (if it’s a good one, and it probably is) will have a simple, easy to follow system that ANYONE can follow.

Problems can arise when your new business partner is unwilling to follow the system.
Why would that happen?
They might think that it’s “cheezy”
They might have vast amounts of business and entrepreneurial experience and they want to do their own way.
They might see some flaws in the current system and they want to improve on it.

What’s wrong if they won’t follow the system?
If they won’t follow it 2 major things might happen:
1. They won’t be successful
Your company’s system might not be perfect but it works. And that’s all you need to know.
Your new business partner’s way of doing things may work but then again it may not.
2. They are successful doing it their own way but it’s complicated and it isn’t easily duplicated.
That’s the problem with doing it your own way.
It doesn’t matter if you are a master salesman or a master recruiter if your team can’t do it.

What do you do if you new business partner is unwilling to follow the system?
The only thing you can do is encourage them to follow the system.
Keep them in the loop and let them know when the events and trainings are.
That’s it.
Don’t spend too much time with them.
Don’t kill yourself trying to convince them that the system works.
Spend time with people that are coachable, trainable because that is the best long term play!

Create a great day!

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