What People Really Want and How to Find it!


When it comes to achieving success in MLM, you have to find out what your prospect really wants.  In the end, they want freedom but remember this.   ***If you say it, it’s a lie.  If they say it, it’s the truth.*** Ask them questions and make them say why they would want to join your business/team. If you say something, it’s human nature for them to say the opposite especially if it’s something negative about them.

Ex. If you tell a nurse:  “You must not like working shift work and being away from your family in the evening. They might respond with:”Well I love helping people and to me it’s worth it.”

However if you say:  “Wow! You must love being a nurse.” They might respond with “It’s good but it’s a big sacrifice being away from my family.”

Your job is to find out what people want and if your company/service can give it to them then offer it.


In the above case with the nurse, you could say, “If I could show you how to spend more time with your family, would you want to see how that works?”

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