What To Do When They Chase You: 4 Steps To A Yes

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What to do when your prospect reaches out to you?

One of my subscribers reached out to me with a great question

I’ve got some people reaching out to me. I’ve got at least 10 of these “I’m interested in starting a home business and making an extra income”

I seem to scare them off with my replies.

I say, “Sure I can help, check out this video (15 min company video) and they disappear.”
“What am I doing wrong?”

This is a great question and it’s something that many network marketers mess up. This particular subscriber realized that he was doing something wrong and reached out for some help. Kudos to him for putting his ego a side and being coachable and trainable.

More Information Doesn’t Mean More Sales

When I first got started with this profession, I thought that I would have to give my prospect all the information so that they could make an informed decision. I would answer their questions and requests and leave them to their own devices to make a decision. I thought that I was doing everything right. My prospect asked me to send them information and I would send them a link and I often wouldn’t hear from them again.

Remember this, once send them a link or any information, they have the control.

It’s ok to give them control but not until you build rapport with them and position yourself as an authority.

There are 4 Steps To A Decision

1.  Build Rapport and Build Authority by Qualifying them
Use the phone and talk to your prospect.
This is what I would say, ” “Great, I see that you are open to starting a business, let’s just talk on the phone to see if we are good fit. My number is 555.555.5555. What is your number?”

Build rapport with them. Get to know them.
Use the phone call as a screening process and do some qualifying before you share ANY information about your company with them.

“Why do you want to start a business?”
“What is your experience?”
“I’m only looking for people that are hungry, teachable and ready to work is that you?” You may not want somebody on your team because they might have a negative mindset or they might be lazy.

2. If they Qualify Send Them The Information
If they don’t seem like a good team member, then I won’t send them any information. I’ll just politely dismiss them.

If they might be a good match, I’ll say something like, “I’m not sure but it seems like you might be a good fit for our business. If I gave you a link that would tell you more info about what I do, would you look at it?

3. Set up the follow up before you send them the info
When they say yes,. I say, “Ok, it will take 15 mins to look at it. How soon will you be able to review the information?”

When they tell you the time, I arrange a call back for that time.
If they say, “I can watch it by tomorrow evening at 8pm.”
Then pick a time soon after they will be finished and say.
“Perfect, so if I call you at 830pm, you’ll have seen it for sure. Right?

Setting up a follow up does a couple of things
– It shows the that your time is valuable.
– It puts a time clock on them.

If they don’t have a time clock they are likely to procrastinate and not look at it.
Then when you follow up, they’ll avoid your phone call because they haven’t seen it yet.

Just avoid all that and make sure you set up a follow up appointment.

4. Follow up and collect a decision
Collecting a decision is a little bit more detail than I want to get into right now.
But what I do is I feel them out and ask a closing question.
You might want to have an upline ready for a 3 way call to help you out for crediblity and overcoming objections.
I’ll make another blog post so I can give this subject the attention that it deserves.

Getting people to chase you
I know what at least some of you are thinking.
Usually I have to ask, chase and prospect, how did you get the right people reaching out to you?
If you want to get people chasing you, then I highly suggest getting the free audio download of “Network Marketing Questions That Work.” You’ll be able to steer the conversation and get the right prospects to chase you and WANT to know more details about your business.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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