What To Do When You Can’t Afford To Hire A Mentor

hire a mentorHire A Mentor
What’s the benefit to hiring a mentor?
Can’t we get to our goals without hiring someone to give us direction?
Could we achieve success without them and it would cost us less money?


Yes you might be able to achieve your goals without hiring a mentor.
And you might be able to do it without them and it would cost less money.


Mentors fast track your journey to success.
They know how to achieve success.
They know the mistakes to avoid and they can get you their faster.
They increase your chances of succeeded drastically.
The biggest benefit of hiring a mentor is time.
They can get you their faster.

Is it worth the money if a mentor can get you to your goal in 6 months if it will take you 2 years to do it on your own?

If Michael Jordan and Tony Robbins had a mentor to fast track their success, then should you have one too?

“Man can either buy his wisdom or borrow it. By buying it, he pays full price in personal time and treasure. But by borrowing it, he capitalizes on the lessons learned from the failures of others.” ~Ben Franklin

What if you can’t afford a mentor?
I understand that it can be quite expensive to hire a mentor or a coach especially if you are already struggling to make ends meet.

Hiring a high profile coach can cost $5000 or more per month. For most people, that’s more than their biggest bill.

Now I can tell you that you just can’t put a price on success but I’ll be realistic. There are other things that you can do when you can’t afford to hire a mentor.

Free Coaching
Many mentors offer free introductory coaching. The sessions are usually 30 minutes. These are great because they allow you to ask questions that apply to your personal situation. It might only be one session but don’t underestimate the power and the knowledge you can get from 30 minutes.

I even offer a free introductory coaching session here: http://kennysantos.com/freecoaching/

pexels-photo-262508Read Books and Blogs
Many mentors are authors and writers. If you can’t afford to hire them then read their content and implement their wisdom into working towards your goals. Maybe if you implement the knowledge you’ll be able to raise enough money to buy their coaching.

If you are just broke and can’t afford to buy their books, then at least read them. You can either borrow them from the library or read them at the book store. When I first got started as an entrepreneur, I couldn’t afford to buy books. I would just go to the book store and read them. Many book stores have big comfy chairs so that you can curl up with a book and read them. Take advantage of those resources. They have those chairs their so that you can use them and read them.

Watch and Listen To Them
Many of your favorite coaches have dozens or hundreds of videos on youtube. This is a great free resource for you to learn as much as you can from your mentor without paying any money. My current channel on youtube has over 500 videos. You can find it here.

You can listen to your mentors for free. Many mentors have free audios that you can listen to and they are available just for visiting their website. One of my most popular audios that I give away that assists the network marketing profession is my “Recruiting Questions That Work” mp3. It allows network marketers to steer the conversation and get the right prospects to chase them and WANT to know more details about their business.

Buy Their Products
When you can’t afford to hire your mentor, maybe you can afford some of their products. Some of their products might be out of your price range but many offer “no brainer” products. No brainer products are those that offer a great value but are less than $10 to buy. I offer several on my products page here: http://kennysantos.com/products/

One of my most valuable no “brainer products” is only available to the select¬†people that on my email list. It helps people build momentum in network marketing.
I rarely show this link in a public forum and it’s usually only available on my products page for almost $100 dollars but you can get it for only $7 here: http://kennysantos.com/specialmt/

Contact Them
Often the best way to interact with a mentor is to reach out to them. Follow them on social media. Comment on their posts and their blog content and be part of their community. Ask them questions. Email them. You never know how they’ll reach back to you.

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