What True Faith Really Looks Like


We often say that we have faith in our higher power (whether you call it God, The Universe or Allah or any other name) but if you really have trust in your higher power, you trust the entire process when it comes to your prayers.

Sending Signals
Our higher power is always watching and listening. We think that we are only “talking” to our higher power when we are praying. But we are “talking” to our higher power all of the time.

For example
If you say a prayer that you want to have a successful business but you don’t work towards the success of that business then you are sending your higher power mixed signals. One signal came in the form of prayer that you want a successful business but another signal came in the form of action or in this case non-action that you really don’t want a successful business. Which prayer gets answered? The one that speaks loudest and longest. If you want your prayers answered, you have to follow up those prayers with actions (those actions are also prayers). You have to work with everything you have without pushing it beyond the natural process. You might have business plan that says it will take you 10 months before you get profitable and think that the process is 10 months. But there is another part of the process which includes unexpected obstacles. Instead of 10 months, it might take 12 months or even 10 years but you must trust that you are on the right path and that you are right on schedule.

Your Obstacles
You might think that unexpected obstacles are slowing you down but they aren’t. They are actually protection. Your obstacles are part of the process and are needed because you need to grow. You need to grow into the person that deserves the success. If you get the success before you deserve it then you will lose that success. That is part of the reason why lottery winners are broke within 5 years. They didn’t have the stewardship to be a millionaire. If they earned the money instead, they would have developed the stewardship as part of the process to success.

A Example of Real Trust In Your Higher Power
Let’s pretend that you have an important business meeting. Maybe you are an author and you have an important meeting with a big publishing company. They like your book so much that they are willing to fly you to their corporate office and wine and dine you. They have hinted that they are willing to give you some (big) money in advance because they expecting a lot of sales.

You are excited about the meeting. You do everything you can to make sure that everything goes smoothly. You are prepared. You have all of your materials ready. You get dressed up in your best suit. You leave for the airport extra early. But there is a huge traffic jam and even though you buffered in some time (a lot of time actually) to get to the airport early, you’ll probably miss your plane. You call the publishing company to let them know the situation but they aren’t answering the phone.

If you didn’t trust the Universe you’ll get angry and frustrated. You might do something foolish and drive on the shoulder of the high way. That could lead to a flat tire or or ticket from the police which will make you even more late.

Or you can trust the Universe.

“If want the Universe to be able to do all it can, with everything it has, then you must do all you can, with all you have”~Mike Dooley

In this example, you have done everything you can. You were prepared. You left the house early but there was an unexpected obstacle in the form of the traffic jam. Since you kept your part of the bargain by doing everything you can, then you can trust the Universe that it will do all it can.

Maybe you’ll still get to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Maybe the Universe created the traffic jam to “save” you from taking this opportuntiy because there is a bigger opportunity with a bigger publishing company.

The Universe loves you and it wants the very best for you. But it will only do so much for you. Don’t push the process by doing something foolish (like getting a traffic ticket for driving on the shoulder of the highway during a traffic jam)

Create a great day!

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