What’s The Best Legacy To Leave Behind For Your Family?

what's your legacyThe Best legacy that you can leave for you kids.
What do you think is the best legacy you can leave for your kids?

Many people think that it’s money.
They want to leave a big pile of money or some residual income to their family through properties or business.

The best legacy is not just about the money.
The best legacy is memories, bonding and an example of who they want their children to become.

My favorite author Andy Andrews says,

“Don’t just raise good kids, raise good kids that turn out to be great adults.”~Andy Andrews

I know a handful of people that are successful in business.
They earn solid 5 figure or sometimes 6 figure monthly incomes. Some of them have a great balance in their lives. They have great health, great relationships with their family and fulfilling spiritual lives. Many of them have sacrificed their relationships for their business. They make great money, they have a what looks like a lavish lifestyle always travelling and staying at fancy hotels. They even get standing ovations at conventions and have people waiting to talk with them, get their autograph and take selfies with them. But they have no one to go home to. They might have families and children but they just don’t have a close bond with them.

When their kids see that, they are seeing a priority. They might think that when they grow up, they too should put business in front of their family. If you are sacrificing your family for your business, watch out.

The whole reason why you want success is so that you can provide for you family.

Isn’t ironic that we spend so much time earning money for our family but we end up seeing them less and less.

I’m not saying that you need to give up your business for your family, but I am saying that you can’t give up your relationships with your family so that you can succeed in business. You really can have it all if you work on both.

Bob’s Story
One of my friends, let’s call him Bob is very successful in business.
His success in business came a price. He worked hard and rarely saw his children.  He missed out on watching them grow up.  He would give his kids a kiss every morning in their beds before they woke so he could leave for work and he would come home and kiss his kids good night after they had gone to bed.

He would only see them on Sundays. Often they would rebel against him when he tried to get them to go to church on Sunday mornings.

Bob’s story isn’t unusual. It happens more than you think among the “successful”. Don’t let it happen to you.

You don’t want to miss out on your children growing up. If you don’t bond with them while they are young, they won’t give you any time when they become teenagers and adults.

It kind of reminds me of the Cat’s in the Cradle song. That song gets me choked up whenever I listen to it.

If your kids and family are the whole reason while you want to be successful then don’t lose your relationships with them along the way.

Spending Time With Your Family
Spending time with your family will actually help you gain more success. Use your family time to rest and rejuvenate. You’ll find that you’ll be able to return to work with better ideas, more enthusiasm and more energy. You’ll be more productive after doing what you love.

Money is a great legacy to leave your children but if it’s at the expense of having great relationships with them.

Create a great day!

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