When Fear Is Holding Your MLM Prospects Back…

Original Post by Lena Bjorna

How do you get MLM prospects to move forward when they’re afraid? That’s the question I’d like to address in today’s brief article and in my video above. And, to give credit where credit is due, this is a tip I got from Ellie Drake, a highly successful female entrepreneur whom I have a lot of respect for.

This is super simple yet very powerful, as I think you’ll see.

How To Get Fearful MLM Prospects To Move Forward

So here’s the strategy: When talking to otherwise qualified MLM prospects whom you can sense are fearful about taking the next step, say something like this: “[Joe/Mary/Bob/Susan]…I feel that fear is holding you back.”


“I can relate because I used to be afraid, too. It’s very normal to feel this way when you’re about to start something new. But if I may, I would like to ask you three questions…”

(Get their permission.)

“If you answer ‘no’ to either one of them, then this business opportunity is probably not for you. But let’s run through them real quick. First question: Are you coachable?”

(They answer “yes”.)

“Great. Second, do you have a burning desire to be successful?”

(Again, they answer, “yes”.)

“Last but not least, [Joe/Mary/Bob/Susan]…can you be bigger than your fear?”

This is when it gets real quiet on the other end of the line. Until, finally, the answer comes, softly: “Yes.”

“Great!” you reply, with relaxed enthusiasm, “Let’s get you started!” And then you direct them to the sign-up page. 😉


Next Time, Try This With Your MLM Prospects!

It’s very powerful because you’re putting on your leader hat and being the authority figure your MLM prospects are looking for. You’re showing that you care and that you want to help them overcome their self imposed limitations.

So why not give this a shot next time?

Even if they say “no”, that they aren’t ready to face their fears just yet, at least you’ve got them thinking. They may not get started right now but they’ll respect you for taking a stand for their greatness. And, of course, they’ll know that you’re only a phone call away…!

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