What to do when your back is against the wall in Network Marketing

desperateWhen your back is against the wall in Network Marketing

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to make some money from your network marketing company?

I’ve been in that situation. I had creditors calling me multiple times per hour. I had the utility company sending me notices that my lights, water and heating would be turned off. I had that bank sending me letters because I was going to lose my house.

I needed a couple thousand dollars just to get through the next couple of weeks and even if I did, I would still be far behind.

I recently watched an episode of Shark Tank. One company was pitching the Sharks his business idea he needed $200k. The company wasn’t making money and the company was $177k in debt. Mark Cuban told the company owners that it wasn’t a company he was open to investing in. The $200k would merely pay off the company’s debt with little left over to grow the company. He told them they need to start hustling.

What are you supposed to do?
The answer is obvious. Do something!
Something? Like what? What should you do?
Anything! Do anything that you can. Start taking some sort of action that will bring you further along in your business.

Whether you are operating a home MLM business or you are operating a traditional business you must do something. No matter how big or small that action may be you just got to get to work. What you are looking for is momentum. You have to get the ball rolling.

Make a retail sale
You have a great product right?
You think it’s awesome right?
(If you don’t, then you shouldn’t be part of your company. If you joined because the company was ground floor and has a great compensation plan and you aren’t passionate about the product then you joined for the wrong reasons)
If think your product is great and an awesome then why not sell it. Sell if for retail and make yourself a commission.

You might be thinking, if I sell my product, I’ll won’t make much money. I don’t know what your retail profits are. It might be only $5. It could $30 or $1000. It doesn’t matter what the profit is, just make a sale. I know that $5 doesn’t seem like much when you are hundreds or even thousands of dollars behind but if you sell your product, you’ll start the ball rolling. Maybe your new customer will love the product so much that they will become a rep. Maybe they’ll buy the “big kahuna” package and give you a bigger commission. That could turn into lots of volume for your team and you could advance rank and collect the next bonus. You never know what one sale can turn into.

Sign someone up
You probably have a list of people that you’ve prospected and they are “thinking about it”. Call them and collect a decision.
Say something like:
“Listen, I’m starting a 90 day blitz and I’m going to be working very closely for those that join my team in the next couple days. I know that you are thinking about it but what kind of questions can I answer for you so that you can make a decision?”

Then, get their decision. Don’t be afraid of hearing a “no” from your prospect. Nos give you the opportunity to cross your prospect off the list so that you can spend more time with people that do want to work. Just collect a decision so you know who you should be spending time with.

Call someone. Anyone. Call more than one. If your back is against the wall you need to hustle.
Call up realtors, call businesses cards, call ads in the paper just call and ask them a qualifying question.
“I saw your name on the house for sale on 123 maple street. Do you keep your options open when it comes to making ANY money outside of being a realtor?”

Get a decision. If the answer yes, then book an appointment with them. If the answer is no then politely dismiss them and call the next person. It shouldn’t take you too long to prospect someone. A prospecting call can take as little as 30 seconds if they say no. If they say yes then it will take longer so you can book an appointment but it shouldn’t take you more than 2-3 minutes to book it.

*bonus tip: Be in a hurry when you cold call someone. It does 2 things. First It gives you an excuse not to explain everything on the phone and second people like to work with people who are busy. So be in a hurry.

The point is to do something. Don’t wait for a miracle. Work hard and create your own miracle. You’ve probably heard that “God helps those that help themselves” If you start helping yourself (by working and hustling) then things will start to click for you. You’ll start meeting the right people. You’ll “coincidentally” be in the right place at the right time to take part in an opportunity to grow your business.

Do something!

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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