When Your Passion Can’t Be Monetized

passionWhen I posted “3 Steps To Getting Paid For Being You”  I got some great responses.
One of my colleagues asked me:

“What would you say to someone if their passion can’t be monetized? “

In most cases if you can find a way to solve a problem or bring value to others with your passion, then it can be monetized.

Take my friend John, he has a bunch of hobbies. He brews beer, he smokes meat and he builds model tanks and airplanes. Anyone of those hobbies can be monetized. It doesn’t take a Super creative mind to figure out that he can sell the beer he brews, sell the meat he smokes and sell the models he builds.
He could also build an audience and start educating people about any of those hobbies. The education could come through audio (like in a pod cast), it could come through video or he could write about it (in a blog) .

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You might be thinking
“I’m not enough of an expert that people would want my education.”

My answer to that is that you don’t have to be an expert. You just have to be passionate and be yourself. People love watching others progress. Take them on a journey with you. You can finally lose that weight and record your progress. You can learn how to dance and show everyone how you are learning. If you love to eat, you can just take videos of you eating different foods. This can get popular especially if you eat the newest fad food or foods that are unusual or exotic. My brother and I dabbled in this however we just were not passionate enough about to put the effort in it to make it work.

You don’t have to be an expert, you just have to be creative. Just figure out how your passion can bring value to the world.

You can interview the experts if you want. Napolean Hill became an authority on wealth not because he was wealthy but because he wrote a book about becoming wealthy. Where did he get the content? He did it by interviewing the experts.

When you passion should not be monetized
There are times when your passion just shouldn’t be monetized even though they do bring a lot of value to the others. I talk about those types of passions in the video.

If you have a passion that shouldn’t be monetized, then that doesn’t mean you can’t be wealthy. On the contrary, if you can help others while you are poor, I know that you can have an even bigger impact if you are wealthy. I believe that wonderful people like Ghandi and Mother Theresa have had an enormous impact on the world but I also believe that they would have an even bigger impact if they had access to more money.
If your passion is such that it shouldn’t be monetized, then I invite you to build another stream of income that you are also passionate about. If your passion is to raise money and build orphanages in Africa (which really can’t be monetized), then perhaps the passion that can make you rich can be to build homes in your city. You could spit the time between the 2.

If you can’t get paid to do what you love most then, how awesome would it be that you can do the thing that you love most but also get paid to do the thing that you love second most!

Pretty cool eh?

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