When your prospect says “It costs too much.”

high value and low cost

Creating Value
Network marketing products are very high quality. There is so much stigma in the network marketing profession that people are always looking for something “wrong” with our products. So they must be high quality so that when people a scrutinizing the product they are less likely to find anything “wrong” with it. Since our products high in quality your prospects will be able to find a cheaper, inferior product somewhere else.

Price vs value
So what do you do when your prospect cares more about price than they do about value? Especially when they say that they can get a similar product cheaper somewhere else.
Most network marketers make the mistake of trying to show the prospect how their product is better.
-has more antioxidents
-scientifically proven
-break through product
-completely organic

All of these qualities are wonderful but only to the right people. If someone cares more about price than they do about value, then they are not the right customer or prospect for you.

Trying to convince a prospect that cares more about price by showing them how your product is more valuable will only push them away and turn them off. Talk to a prospect that cares more about value instead.

Change your prospect
When you are showing and creating value in your product, be sure that you are talking to the right person.

If you are selling a jar of high end, spa quality face cream for $80 then the person that buys a $10 jar of face cream at the drug store won’t buy it. It doesn’t matter how much value you try to cram down their throat. You’ll be annoying to your prospect, you’ll be wasting your time and you’ll get frustrated.

Instead of trying to convince someone that cares more about price, talk to the person that cares more about value.

The person that will be willing to try your jar of high end, spa quality face cream for $80 is someone that ALREADY spends $75 – $100 on their jar of face cream at the spa or a boutique.

What do you say to the person that cares more about price over value?
Take it away from them.
If a prospect tells you that they spend $10 on their jar of face cream at the drug store say something like this.
“This probably isn’t for you, this is very high quality and for someone that really cares about their face.”

If you are selling gourmet coffee $2 dollars a cup and your prospect buys Maxwell house for 20 cents a cup, you won’t be able to compete with price and they don’t care about value.
Tell them something like this:
“This probably isn’t for you, this for someone that really enjoys a great tasting high quality cup of coffee.”
If your gourmet coffee is $2 dollars a cup, then your perfect prospect is someone that spends $5 dollars a cup a Starbucks. You should find a ton of prospect at the coffee shop.

When you are start taking away the product, it’s no longer weird. You prospect may just agree that they are not the right fit or they might just want to see what they are missing out on.
“Hmmm… I do care about my face, can you tell me more about your cream?”

Doing a take away vs trying to convince and create value is not only easier to do, but it is also more fun, effective and lucrative.
What are your thoughts on this. I would like to know in your comments below.

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