Who are you really being? 15 Minutes A Day Can Change Your Life

who are you being


When I ask you, “Who are you being?”
I mean who are you being in terms of your personal goals.

Do you want to be: a best selling author?
Or a black belt in karate?
Or a millionaire?

What ever your goals are, are you being that person?

You get to your goals by being the person that earned those goals.
If your goal was to have a flat stomach with abs then you would eat better and exercise more. You wouldn’t WAIT until you got the abs and THEN start to work out would you?

The martial artist doesn’t WAIT until they get a black belt and THEN decide to practice everyday.

I’m sure that you get the picture by now.

I invite you to do this 2 step exercise.
1. Write down your goals.
2. For each goal write down what a person that has gotten those goals does. (ex. a best selling author would write every day)

Now you know what to do to achieve your goals every day.

If all you did was:
Run for 15 minutes every day or
Write for 15 minutes every day or
Played the guitar for 15 minutes every day or
Did something goal related every day….

Would you see a change after a month?
Would that change excite you and encourage you?

Imagine where you would be in 6 months?
Or a year?

Wow. It’s just mind blowing isn’t it!

Create a great day!

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