Why Do Lottery Winners Lose It All?

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Why Do Lottery Winners Lose It All?

Have you ever heard those stories of lottery winners that lose it all?
Some of them win 10’s of millions and some even win 100’s of millions of dollars but most of the time the result is the same. Within 5 years they have it all spent. It’s all gone.

I used to think that these people are stupid. How could they not just put away a couple million and save it? What I realize is that it’s not about being smart.

There is a high percentage (I’m guessing over 90%) of people that win the lottery that lose it all. I’m sure that NONE of them thought that they would lose it all within 5 years.

So many people say, “I would never lose it all, I won’t be like them.”
If you think like that then I want you to understand that the statistics are against you.

The reason why so many lottery winners lose it all isn’t because they are stupid. The reason why they lose it all is the same reason why people that lose weight, seem to gain the weight back. It’s all about subconscious programming.

You Are Programmed
Whether you know it or not, you have been programmed to weigh a certain amount and to have certain amount of wealth.
You probably have friends that have tried a fad diet or product and lost some weight. Maybe they lost 30 lbs or more. However, 90+% of them gain it all back. It’s not about will power. It’s about their programming.

The same goes for money. You might be used to having about $3000 – $5000 in your bank account. You get your check, pay your bills, you spend some and at the end of the month you have a certain amount in your bank account. What if you get a raise? You might save a bit at the beginning but after a while, you’ll have the same $3000 – $5000 in your bank. You’ve been programmed. Even if you get a big tax refund of $5k or win $2k at the casino (and yes even if you win $10 Million in the lottery) after a while, you’ll be back to your programmed amount of $3k to $5k.

It works both ways. Let’s take an olympic or a professional athlete. They have been programmed to be at a certain health. If they “cheat” on their health regimen (perhaps they take a break during the christmas holidays) by eating more junk food and not exercising daily, sooner or later, their subconscious programming will kick in and they will unconsciously start to eat better and exercise more. Before they even realize it, they back to their healthy programmed self.

And yes it works for money too. If you are billionaire and you lose it all. If you are programmed to be a billionaire, then you’ll get it back with in 5 years. That’s why a billionaire that you have probably heard of named Trump can go bankrupt but become a billionaire with in 2 years.

The Subconscious
Your subconscious is a powerful thing.
In the book The Greatest Salesman In The World, it is called,

“My other mind, that mysterious source which never sleeps, which creates my dreams, and often makes me act in ways I do not comprehend.” ~Og Mandino

It can make the person who works so hard to lose weight unconsciously eat while they are watching TV because “they deserve a little break”
It can make the the athlete, unconsciously start to do sit ups and pushups while they are watching TV without even realizing it.
It can make the normal person who wins the lottery unconsciously squander it all and leave them wondering, “Where did all of the money go?”
It can make the entrepreneur who has lost it all unconsciously get back to work and make it all back again.

“Your will power will never be stronger than your unconscious mind no matter what.” ~Harmonic Wealth by James Arthur Ray

If you want to change your health and your wealth status, then change your programming. Change the way you think. There is a famous self development book out there called “Think and Grow Rich”  The book isn’t called, Work Hard and Grow Rich, it’s called THINK and Grow Rich.

If you can realize that it’s more about how you are programmed and less about what you are doing then you will make tremendous changes in your life.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”  C.G. Jung

There are so many people purchasing the latest techniques about how to make money online or how to grow your network marketing business. You can learn all of those things but your subconscious programming will block you from creating more income by procrastinating your actions or with self sabotage. Even if can temporarily over ride your subconscious for a short while and you do make some extra income, you’ll find that you squander it all away. Your subconscious programming has a huge impact on your life and most of the time you don’t even know what it’s doing.

“It often makes me act in ways I do not comprehend.” ~Og Mandino

Don’t you wish that you could reprogram your subconscious?
That is why all of the gurus are telling you to visualize and do affirmations. Once you reprogram your mind, your life will change. It won’t happen without work, but much of the work you do will be unconscious. It’s what made J. K Rowling start to write a book series called Harry Potter. She wrote the book without thinking. She didn’t sit down each morning infront of her lap top and start writing. She wrote that book, while she was living her life. She wrote it while she was in line at the bank, she wrote it while she was waiting for her appointment at the doctors office. While it was hard work to write the book, she wrote it without “trying”.

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