Why do we even have obstacles on our road to success?

Success - obstacles which one has overcome - quoteHave you ever wondered why we have obstacles?
Why isn’t success easier?

The whole reason why we have obstacles is show your higher power (God, Then Universe or Allah) that you deserve it.
If you earn your success, you’ll develop skills and the abilities along the way.
If you happen to get “lucky” and get your goals before you “deserve” them, you’ll lose your success.
The one thing worse than not reaching your goals is getting your goals and then losing them.

That is why Lottery Winners go broke in 5 years.  They didn’t get over any obstacles to develop the skills and ability to keep the money. And since they don’t have the skills, they lose their success.

Don’t look for a short cut.
If there are obstacles on your journey, then that means you are on the right path.
It’s a shame that so many people go off to chase their dreams and the moment an obstacle blocks their path, they make the incorrect conclusion that they are going the wrong way.

Success and failure are the EXACT same path.  Success just happens to be further along.

Create a great day!

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