Why Massive Changes In Action Just Doesn’t Work

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Many people want to have big changes in results in their life

That desire for change could come from watching an inspirational video, going to a workshop/seminar or even just hearing a testimonial from a friend.

When we get inspired to make big changes, our emotions are running high and we make promises to ourselves that we probably can’t keep over a long period of time.

It’s easy to start this change but it’s difficult to keep these changes:
From not running to running 30 minutes a day.
From a bad diet to eating only a shake for breakfast.
From not making any sales calls to making 50 calls a day.

It’s something that you can do for a week or maybe a month or two but eventually if you are like most, you won’t be able to keep the habit going.

Instead of making a massive changes in action, make small manageable changes.

Small changes in action can make a drastic change in results.

You’ve probably heard of the golf analogy: a small change in degrees of a golf club can make a huge difference in yards or where the golf ball ends up.

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Look how similar these companies are:

There isn’t much difference between McDonald’s and Burger King.
There isn’t much difference between Coke and Pepsi or even Sprite and 7up.
But those little differences result in huge results when the revenues are compared.

So instead of going form no running to 30 mins per day, go on a running program.
Instead of a complete diet over haul, make a smaller healthier eating decisions.
Instead of making 50 sales calls a day, start with 10 sales call.

Enjoy the benefits of the small changes and then increase them overtime.

You’ll thank yourself for building a strong habit that helps you grow.

Create a great day!

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