Mistakes that network marketers make with their warm market

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Let me make an observation.
Most (not all but most) network marketers that have (quickish) success, do so because the know how to talk to their warm market.
Even the great attraction marketers say that you should talk to your market.

There are 2 main mistakes that network marketers make when comes to warm market.
1. They refuse to talk to their warm market
2. They talk to their warm market but they do so in a matter that’s very pushy.

Refusing to talk to your warm market
I first heard this saying from Tom “Big Al” Schreiter:
“Most people already do network marketing, they just don’t get paid for it.”
What did Tom mean by that? He meant that as social creatures, if we find something we enjoy, like a movie or a restaurant, we usually recommend it to other people.

Why wouldn’t you do it for network marketing?
If it’s good enough for you, isn’t it good enough for them?
If you think that your warm market just wouldn’t want to start a business, then at least talk to them about the product or service that you are promoting. That is a great way to start the momentum in your business. 
If your product/service isn’t good enough for some people in your warm market, then why would you even want to promote it?

Being pushy with your warm market
There are others who are very excited and very willing to talk to their warm market however, they are very pushy about it.
“You gotta see this opportunity. Blah, blah, blah, blah. It’s ground floor. blah blah blah. With an amazing comp plan. blah blah blah. The product is scientifically proven. blah blah blah.”

“They hypey you sound, the more desperate you look.”

Can you see how this can push your warm market away?
Don’t hype your product, service or your opportunity.
Just ask them if they want to have a look and if they do then let your company tools do all of the explaining and hyping for you.

Don’t convince your warm market
Your job is to collect decisions… that’s it.
It’s not to convince, it’s to collect decisions.
The more decisions you get, the more eyeballs you’ll get on the presentation.
The more eyeballs you get on the presentation, they more sales and signs up you’ll get.

If you warm market doesn’t want to look at the presentation, then be ok with it. If your market watches the presentation and they don’t want to join or be a customer, then be ok with that too!
Learn to be ok with a “no” decision.

The trouble comes when you try to convince your warm market after they have given you a “no” decision. This is where the line is fuzzy because network marketers have been trained that they should overcome objections. But remember this:

“You should only try to overcome your prospect’s objections if your prospect actually wants to join the business. If they are just trying to brush you off then don’t waste your time or their time by trying to convince them to join.”

If you are too persistent with your warm market and try to convince them to become customer or join your business when they don’t want to, you’ll put a strain on the relationship. Things will get “weird” when ever you see them at a social gathering. If you do it to a lot of your warm market, then you’ll be the guy standing all alone at the family party.

It doesn’t have to weird if they say “no” to you. It will only get weird if you try to convince them.

If you ask a true attraction marketer if you should talk to you warm market, they will say this: “Of course you should talk to your warm market, you just shouldn’t care of they join or not.”

There certainly is an art and a science when it comes to talking to your warm market and it can be a great way to build momentum in your business. I have some very specific scripts on how to talk to your warm market about your product/service and your business. If you would like a free audio download and hear about them then go to: http://kennysantos.com/momentum/

Create a great day!

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