Why Switching MLM Companies Doesn’t Work (most of the time)

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When a network marketer isn`t doing well in business, they often think it`s because of their company and want to switch to another one. Looking for greener pastures doesn’t work for a majority of network marketers

You might know a network marketer that joins a company and he is excited. He tells everyone that this one is the one. He says that they have the best product or the best comp plan. But then 3 – 6 months later, he joins another company and this time this one is the one. The last one wasn’t any good because of blah, blah, blah and this is the one. But the process repeats it self another 3-6 months later.

I know a handful of network marketers like that. Some of them only call me when they want me to look at their next latest and greatest company. One in particular contacts me on FB. If I wanted to, I can look at our FB messaging history and I can determine which companies he’s been a part of and how long he was with them for the last 3-5 years.

Old school Network Marketing Companies
Some people shoot down some of the older network marketing companies because their compensation plans and their methods are “old school”
There are 2 old school network marketing companies that come to mind that are giants in this business: Amway and Herbal Life (I’m not part of either one)
If you did an apples to apples to comparison, your company will never have the number of reps or the sales volume of either one of those companies. Never.
Those companies might have comp plans that are old school but they work.
Their methods may be old school but they work.
I beg you to find a better company out their where the reps are making more money and have more sales volume.
It’s not about finding the best company, it’s about finding the best company for you.

If you are excited about a company’s comp plan, you are almost guaranteed to find another company with a better comp plan 3-6 months later. If you are excited about a the timing of a company, you are certainly guaranteed to find a company with a better timing 3-6 months later.

If you don’t know how to get sales and sign ups, switching to another network marketing company will not get you more success. A better comp plan will not save you.

So if you should not focus on the comp plan, what should you focus on? I explain the things that you should focus on that will give you the best chance for success in the video below.

When Should You Switch?
I’m not saying that you shouldn’t switch MLM companies.  If you feel that your company has done something unethical or if you find another product or leader that you are A LOT more passionate about then go ahead and switch.  I sometimes see people switching to other companies and getting better success simply because it was a better fit.

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