Why Use Private Money for Real Estate Investing – Reason 3

I met a guy the other day – we’ll call him Stan – who had a tale of woe to tell. It seems Stan had tried to get approved for a loan on a Harley he wanted to buy, only to be told “NO!” by the loan officer, who happened to be young enough to be Stan’s kid. Talk about frustration… and it all could have been avoided with a little judicious use of private money for real estate investing.

You see, Stan is a real estate investor – has been for quite some time – and he has a pretty active credit file. Mortgages going on, mortgages coming off, every time Stan buys or sells a house (which is frequently) his credit gets whacked with a new loan or inquiry. So, now that Stan wants to buy something for himself, he has to kowtow to some obsequious little snot of a loan officer. Poor Stan.

If Stan had simply taken a little time and effort to set up a network of private lenders he wouldn’t be in this predicament. Stan’s credit would be squeaky clean, because private loans don’t show up in a credit report, and private lenders don’t generally pull credit reports.

Private money for real estate investing is like having a golden ticket. Private lenders make their lending decisions based on the relationship they have with you, and based on the quality of the deal, so they don’t need to hit you with a credit inquiry.

That way, when you want to go borrow money for some other purpose, like a boat, a motor home, a car, or, in Stan’s case, a Harley, your credit will be unencumbered by a bunch of mortgages, and available for you to use.

Isn’t that why you’re investing in real estate for in the first place? Extra money for some of the finer things life has to offer? Of course it is, and when the time comes to enjoy some of that hard-won wealth, do you want some snotty-faced kid telling you, “I’m sorry, Mr. Investor, but we can’t grant this loan request?”

I’ll bet I already know the answer to that question. Stan does, too.

Reason 4 to use private money for real estate investing? Keep your valuable credit available for other things.

Now, go make more offers!

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