This is Why You Don’t Have To Give ANY Money To Your Church

Law of ReciprocityLaw of Reciprocity
You don’t have to give any money to your church.
The above statement will confuse most people especially since this post is about the Law of Reciprocity.

“The Law Of Reciprocity is the Universal Law that states that whatever is sent out into the cosmos will manifest outcomes in the physical world… physical outcomes that unfold in your life based on whatever is given or broadcast out through those thoughts, emotions and actions.”~

Some churches say that you “have to” tithe 10% of your income but I’m telling you that it’s just not necessary.
Before I get hate, listen to my message.

How does the Law or Reciprocity Work?
I do believe in the law of reciprocity.
What you give, you’ll get it back in buckets.
If you walk around with anger, you’ll get more anger back.
If you walk around with a smile, you’ll get many smiles back.
That includes money. If you give money freely, you’ll get more back.
If you give a dollar, you’ll get 10 or 100 back.
However, there is a small catch… It only works for if you are giving for the joy of giving.
If you are giving because you think you “have to”, you aren’t leveraging the law.

Why you don’t NEED to give money to your church
Giving money to your church because you feel like “you have to” isn’t good practice. What matters most for the law of reciprocity, is that how you feel when you give. If you feel like you “have to” give because it’s an “obligation” then you’ll have a feeling of scarcity. That scarcity will manifest in your life. It’s not really serving you.

However, giving it because you want to, is a totally different story.
If your church is feeding your soul and serving your spiritually, why wouldn’t you want to give to it?
You don’t have to give but I do advise giving money to your church if it serves you.

What if I want to leverage the Law of Reciprocity but giving to my church doesn’t feel right?
If you don’t want to give to your church and you want to give to some place else, then do so.
Maybe you have a cause that is dear to your heart and you want to give some or all of your charity to it. It could be giving money to find the cure for cancer, or giving money to the the homeless, or giving money to the Syrian refugees.  What every resonates with you, give to it.

The “Greedy” Way To Give
If you don’t have a charity that hits home then put 10% of your earnings aside and using it for random acts of kindness to strangers. . Maybe you can take some the charity money and buy donuts and coffee and give to the homeless. Maybe you could use some of the money and pay for a woman’s groceries when her credit card declines. I call it “greedy” because you are leveraging the law of reciprocity but the random acts of kindness well help feel your soul.

If you give because you”have to” then you’ll have a feeling of scarcity and it will manifest in your life. If you give because you want to, you are telling the Universe that you trust it and that you know that you will always be taken care of.

How to really leverage the Law of Reciprocity
If you really want to Leverage the Law of Reciprocity, then don’t wait to see if you have enough left over and give your last 10% of your money to the church. If you do that, you might not have 10% left to give. Instead, really show the Universe (or God, Allah or what ever you call your higher power) that you trust in it and give your first 10% up for the Law of Reciprocity and give with all your heart.

If you believe in the Law of Reciprocity, then repeat after me:

The Universe delivers to me on time, EVERYTIME and I see actually proof of that everyday!

Create a great day!

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