You May Not Know It But This Is What You Signed Up For: How Bad Do You Want It?

If you want network marketing success, it is inevitable that you will get absolutely frustrated.
It will be harder than you expected.
It will be longer than you thought.
At times, it will feel impossible.
You will want to give up.
Everyone goes through the frustration.
Let me tell you something that you probably already know, 95% of network marketers are unhappy with the results of their business and they are frustrated.
Even the ones that you are looking up to.
You may want the results that they have but they are not satisfied with the results that they are getting.
If feels impossible, then you know that your goals are farther than you expected they were going to be when you started. What you may not realize is that they are in fact much closer than they seem.

So it’s taking longer than you expected… So what!

You won’t care once you get your dream.
If you knew it was going to be this hard, then you probably wouldn’t have started.
Don’t quit on another thing just because it’s harder than you expected.
Don’t be part of the 95% and become a casualty of this profession.
You’ve already come this far. Don’t turn back now.
If you are who I think you are, then if you quit, you will regret it, every single day of your life.
never give up on a dream

At the end of the game the score at half time does not matter. The only thing that people remember is the final score and who won.

Don’t listen to your friends if they aren’t ambitious as you are. They may make you feel good and “let” you give up but if they aren’t part of the 95% then you shouldn’t be taking advice from them.

anyone can give up

“Its never too late. Doesn’t matter what has happened to you in the past, even if you have started slow. You can still “finish strong”…….keep the faith, make every single day count! Non stop to the top”

If you think what you are doing is impossible just look at this story.

What HE did was impossible but he did it.

I guarantee you that there were times that he wanted to quit.
It probably took longer than he expected.
But in the end it victory still felt sweet for him.

“Every time you fail, victory gets a little bit closer and tastes a little bit sweeter.”

Every success story wanted to quit. What made them successful is that got up one more time.

at any moment

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