You Must Trust This More Than Anything Else In Life

You must trust in this even more than anything else

There are a lot of things that you trust in.
You might trust your mother or your best friend. You might trust a mentor or an advisor. There is one thing that you must trust in more than anything else even more than yourself. It’s your higher power. Some of you may call it God, the Universe or Allah.

Having trust in your higher power is vital to progressing in a successful life.
There is no goal that you can succeed in that can’t be “sabotaged” by outside forces.
For example:
You could have an important meeting with a client setup. You can prepare for the meeting and even plan to leave your house early so you can insure that you get to the meeting on time. But if luck just isn’t on your side, there are things that seem beyond your control that will prevent you from reaching your goal.
What could happen?
You could get sick
You could get into a car accident
You could miss a train
You could get stuck in traffic.
Your client could stand you up.
Your client could be come ill.
Your flight could be delayed.
Your flight could be cancelled.

I could keep going on this but do you get the picture?

Trust The Universe
When it comes to reaching goals the only thing you can do is your best. You can only do your part and nothing else.
You have to trust that if you do your part, then your higher power will connect the dots and do it’s part. Here’s the key part, if something happens that is out of your control that prevents you from achieving your goal, trust that it is for your benefit. No matter how disappointing it may feel, just trust that it’s for your greater good.

The whole reason why I’m writing about this is because I recently went through a very frustrating situation.

I spent the last 6 months on the phone dealing with a warranty for my parents television. I was doing everything right and everything they told me to do. I would even get email confirmation that they had received the required materials but weeks later when I would inquire about it, they would ask me to resubmit the information and wait. This went on for months and it got me very frustrated. It was only for $300 so I wondered if it was even worth it. One day, I saw this picture on my computer.


I thought to myself. “Ok Universe, I’ve done my part. I’ve done everything right. If I’m to get this warranty for my parents, then let it happen, if not, I won’t waste any more time and energy on this matter and I’ll just give my parents the $300.”

The very next day, they called me and told me that there were sending me a check for the $300.

Pretty cool isn’t it.

Just trust the Universe and know that it has your back. Remember, you can do everything right but the Universe must do much more in order for you to reach your goal.

Don’t worry
If you are worrying, then it’s sign that you don’t trust the Universe. If things aren’t going the way you expected, it’s because the Universe has a better plan for you. I believe that. You must do your best and let the Universe do the rest. Don’t push it, worry about or try to force your way. If you do, you’ll just become frustrated.

“The presence of fear is a sure sign you are trusting in your own strength. ” ~a course in Miracles

Don’t trust in your own strength. Trust in the Universe.

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