You need to be saying and hearing this more to grow your business

rejectedProspecting is the life blood of your business in network marketing. Even if you plan on doing some attraction marketing, you should still be doing some prospecting until your marketing picks up.

Regardless your background or current ability to talk to people you don’t know… You can absolutely master prospecting your network marketing business starting right now. No one else is teaching this method that can guarantee that you will never run out of prospects again. 

The word “NO”
When I was prospecting, I used to hate hearing this word. I would feel rejected. I would feel like I didn’t present the opportunity correctly. I would feel like I did it wrong. It wasn’t until I realized that it really wasn’t about what I did or didn’t do.

“When a prospect says, “no” to your business. it more to do about them, than about you. You can say all the right things to the wrong person and they still won’t join and you can say all the wrong things to the right person and there is nothing that will stop them from joining.”

Don’t feel bad about hearing the word “no” and you should never convince a prospect to join your team. 

Don’t try to close everybody.
Once you know that that a certain percentage of the population will say “no” then you also know that a certain percentage of the population will say “Yes”.

This is not a convincing game. It never was

So instead of trying to close everybody, you need to be talking to more people. You need to be collecting more decisions.

The number of “yeses” that you get to collect increases in direct proportion to the number of “nos” you collect. You need to hear the “no” more often.

The number of nos you hear determine how many people you sign up, how many customers you get and how successful you become.

Saying “NO”
I used to never ever tell a prospect “no”. But I when I realized that “You can’t say the right thing to the wrong person”, I would tell reject them if they were being confrontational. I would say it nicely, “This might not be a good fit for you.”
If the decision is a no decision, then you might as well be the one who is saying it.
Start using the word “no” when they just don’t want to join and are trying to brush you off. If they are giving you an objection that just sounds like a brush off, then you be the first one to tell them “no”.

“This may not be a good fit for you but do you know anyone that wants to make some extra money if I showed them step by step how to do it?”

If their objection sounds legitimate and you think they do want to join, then by all means overcome the objection. However, if they are trying to brush you off just move on to the next person.

People want to prove you wrong
If you go to someone saying, “This is awesome, you would be great at this… ground floor opportunity… break through product etc..”
Most people want to prove you wrong and say,
“It looks too hard” or
“I just don’t have a selling personality” or
“I wouldn’t be good at this”.

The same is said if you say, “This isn’t a good fit for you.”
They want to prove you wrong,
“Well how do you know?”
“Maybe it is!”
“Let me decide”
“Yes it is”

Saying no can sometimes feel like a take away to some prospects.

It feels better psychologically to be the one saying no. I’m sure that you have recruited some people that you wish you didn’t recruit. If you haven’t then you have barely even gotten started in this profession. You don’t have to close everybody, as a matter of fact, you shouldn’t. 

You should be saying and hearing the word “no” more often. Your success depends on it.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos

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