Your comfort zone is your failure zone

  You’ve probably heard that your comfort zone is your failure zone. There is nothing that determines your success more than your willingness to go outside of your comfort zone.

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In MLM, we do a lot of things that make us uncomfortable. We go against what we’ve been taught in school. That makes us feel uncomfortable. Many of our friends and family think that we are foolish. That makes us feel uncomfortable. We talk to total strangers. That makes us feel uncomfortable. We do public speaking. That makes us feel uncomfortable. Let me clarify something.  Some of us may say this:

None of these things make me feel uncomfortable.

If they don’t, then don’t feel left out. There is SOMETHING in the MLM profession that will make you feel uncomfortable.  If you don’t do it, then YOU WILL NEVER ACHIEVE THE SUCCESS THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. That is a law and it’s as solid as the law of gravity. There are no short cuts. If you want MLM success, then be fully committed to leave your comfort zone. When we start this profession, we are already testing the boundaries of our comfort zone.  This may make us feel like we are going in the wrong direction and quit. Recognize that if you are feeling uncomfortable, then you are going in the direction of your dreams.

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