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law of attractionLaw of Attraction
We all know that a powerful exercise that will help you consciously leverage the law of attraction is visualization. The most important part of visualization is feeling and believing that what you are visualizing is actually going to happen. Feeling the joy and love of receiving and experiencing what you are visualizing is the whole point of the visualization exercise.


If you are like me, this process can be very time consuming because you have trouble getting into the state of mind where you can believe and more importantly feel your visualizations. Often, I find that there is too much inner thought and noise to quiet my mind and calm down so I can visualize effectively. Many times I have skipped my visualization for the day simply because I just didn’t feel like it and I was too lazy to get into the mood to visualize.

But I have recently found a way to quiet my mind and get into a feeling of love and gratitude so that I am in the right state of mind to effectively visualize.

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Prime Your Emotions First
The trick is this, instead of allowing your visualizations to bring you into a state of love and joy (which for me can sometimes take a while), allow gratitude to bring you into a state and love and joy and then ride those feelings and emotions into your visualization.

Don’t visualize so you can feel joy, instead feel joy so that you can visualize.

First, get that feeling of joy and gratitude , then allow it instill emotions into your visualization exercise. You will find that if you focus on getting the feeling of love and gratitude first, you will find it easier to keep those emotions so they can supercharge your visualization.

So how do you get the feeling?

Be Grateful
I learned this from listening to a Supersoul Conversation with Tony Robbins and Oprah.

To get the feeling of joy, simply think of something that you are incredibly grateful for. We are all grateful for something and many of these things bring us to a state of great emotion when we think of them.

They could be:
-the first time you saw your child
-that moment when you knew that your spouse was “the one”
-the last time you hugged someone
-seeing relatives after a long period of time

Or maybe it’s something simple:
-listening to the ocean
-feeling sunlight on your face
-hearing beautiful music

Whatever brings you great gratitude, love and joy, use it to get emotional and so you can get into a receiving state of mind for your visualization.

The wonderful thing about thinking about something you are already grateful for is that you don’t have to wonder or imagine what the feeling is like to receive those blessings because you have already received them. You don’t have to wonder if you are worthy of receiving those amazing blessings because you know you are worthy. You have already received those blessings in the past. If the Universe thinks that you are worthy of receiving incredible blessings like that in the past, then why wouldn’t you not be just as worthy and deserving to receive blessings like that now and in the future?

Once you’ve reached that state of joy and gratitude in your mind, it’s so easy to ride those feelings into your visualizations. Feel those same emotions and really take the time to enjoy your visualization. Know that they can be real and that you are worthy of them.

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