Your Home Business – Hobby Or Lifeline?

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Is it wrong to build your online home business slowly? One of my students asked me this on a recent webinar.

Her question was a response to the topic I was discussing during this particular training session, namely the importance of taking massive action and creating a personal success story as quickly as possible – which will again help you sell your business opportunity a lot more effectively.

Today’s post is my rejoinder to this rather unusual question posed by my rep.

The Two Ways To Build Your Home Business

After having thought about it for a little while, I realized that my answer would depend on my rep’s reply to another question: “WHY are you building your online home business in the first place?”

The way I see it, this can be answered one of two ways.

The first is that you’re doing it for past-time.
If this is your response, if your online home business is merely a “hobby”, then clearly it doesn’t matter what speed you’re building at or whether you’re taking consistent and massive action. Just like it’s not important whether you build model airplanes or knit sweaters slowly or quickly.

But — and here’s something to really think about — if your opportunity is a “hobby”, why would you believe you’ll ever make it as a home business owner?

Do you really think you’ll be able to compete against the vast and ever-increasing number of network marketers out there who are building their businesses with unparalleled zeal and unwavering commitment?

The other option is that you’re building your online home business to save your life (or at least your sanity).

And if you’re hiding from debt collectors, if you’re four months behind on your mortgage, if your little girl cries herself to sleep at night because she doesn’t get to go to Disney Land like all the other kids because mommy and daddy can’t afford it…

If stress is eating you up on the inside or tearing away at your marriage, in other words, if your “why” is big enough, you’ll WANT to move fast!

In fact, you’ll never feel like you can move fast enough. You’ll want to move as quickly as possible because you are desperate to change your circumstances!

And your “why” will conquer everything that gets in your path, propelling you toward your goals.

You’ll develop the self discipline. You’ll make the sacrifices. You’ll work your online home business with passion and focus until you achieve success.

In this case “slow” won’t be an option. “Slow” will in fact be the enemy.

Hobby Or Lifeline – Which Is It For You?

So to sum it all up, I think the question that needs to be asked is not, “Is it wrong to build your business slowly?”, but rather, “Why are you building an online home business in the first place?”

That’s the real question here.

And if you discover, when you honestly answer that question, that your why isn’t big enough and that you for this reason are treating your business too much like a hobby, then perhaps you should move on. Perhaps you should pursue a different hobby.

One less costly. One less time consuming. One that requires less sacrifice.

On the other hand, if your conclusion is that your business is in fact your lifeline, and you’re prepared to treat it as such, you can take comfort in knowing that you’ll make it. You’ll succeed in the end.

You’ll succeed because you were willing to give it your ALL..

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